Vivid Gal Janine’s big boobs

July 31st, 2006 | by XXXModel |

You just know you’re looking at a porn goddess when a company like Vivid introduces her. Believe me, seeing a hot babe with big tits like Janine is enough to convince me that she is a porn deity that walks around our mortal world…probably to give us horny mortals a good view of those massive juggs she has bouncing around her chest.

I swear the effects of seeing Janine strip from a blue summer dress and exposing her big boobs is akin to Viagra. I just can’t get enough of seeing her play with them two healthy puppies and then looking at me and projecting the thought: play with them, they don’t bite. Fuck me if you don’t get a boner looking at her topless and flicking her tongue on her lips!!!

Big Boobs Janine Big Boobs Janine Big Boobs Janine

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