SCORE April 2008: 100 Photos of Anna Song

June 30th, 2009 | by Administrator |

Now here’s a girl we could spend all night doing vodka body shots with. Now approaching the ripe age of 21 (on July 6), Anna‘s keeping busy in Europe. When they meet her, people are surprised when they find out she’s been modeling since she turned 18. Anna parties in Goth gatherings all over Europe. Whatever city she’s in, Paris, Moscow, Budapest, she’ll find a big Goth rave and dance her little behind off until dawn. But she says she dislikes the regular nightclub scene. She’d rather go to a rock club with a live band. She loves music and would love to meet Bono from U2. She loves the movies of Tim Burton and fantasizes about being an extra in one of his films. “I love Europe,” Anna says. “But I hate the winters. Brrrrrr! The winters in mother Russia are especially terrible and they last forever. My dream is to move to some place that is warm and sunny all the time. With palm trees and sand and the smell of coconut oil. I’d spend every day at the pool or at the beach in my bikinis, then in the afternoon, I’ll exercise and run on the beach so I don’t get fat.”

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